Steps to not get a DWI charge

A capture and conviction for driving impaired (DUI) or driving while intoxicated or under the influence of some drug or alcohol (DWI) can be devastating for not only one’s own life but other people’s safety and one’s reputation as well. This puts different drivers in danger, can bring about weighty fines and prison time and can demolish a person within a matter of minutes. Such issues can destroy connections and even root their adverse effects in work and jobs as well. Nobody needs to get in an auto accident since they were drunk and lost their senses or need to go to court since they didn’t prove to be responsible enough to forget about felony versus misdemeanor DWI charge.

There are numerous approaches to stay away from alcoholic driving and preventing getting a DWI. The following tips and tricks will make sure you do not have to face any such embarrassing situation or get into trouble regarding driving while intoxicated:


  • Hire A Driver:

One of the top reasons to hire a DWI lawyer by people who had to face DWI charges in the past is that they did not hire a driver for themselves. In case you know that you will be staying out till late and night and would possibly be drinking, it is advised to hire a driver with a proper driving license, your complete address and the contact information of a person to be reached out to in case of an emergency. This would ensure that you can have a good time without worrying about driving while drunk.


  • Use Public Transport:

If you have had a few drinks at a party and feel a bit dizzy to drive it is always a safe option to use public transport or book a cab. This way you will not only avoid a DWI you will also ensure you so not hurt yourself or any other person.


  • Sleep Over:

In case you are at a friend’s place and you feel drunk, it is guaranteed that you will be thinking about what to do when pulled over when driving while intoxicated. However, it can be avoided completely by staying over at the friend’s place instead of taking a risk of driving back home.


  • Avoid Drinking:

Most of the people at parties and social events end up getting drunk even without planning to do so. The reason behind this is that it is almost customary to be drinking something at such events. One clever way of avoiding getting intoxicated under such conditions is to opt for non-alcoholic drinks. You can have a soda or a juice on hand instead of a glass of wine or a cocktail.

  • Take Some Food:

It is a proven fact that drinking on an empty stomach is even more dangerous as this way the alcohol tends to have a much stronger impact and one can get pretty drunk in a very less time. Therefore, it is advised to never drink on an empty stomach to avoid any harmful situation.