Improve your scripts and skills for success

Due to the fluctuating real estate market, the trading and selling skills of real estate agents have become critical to success, while the tools used in the “old market” no longer prove to be functional. If you’re still using those old scripts to strike up a conversation with your potential customers, chances are you’re chasing unrealistic sales expectations and you’re limiting your success. So we share with you 3 ways to update your scripts and your skills to match the demands of the “new market”:

Evidence of contrast

Today it is vital that you provide reliable and sufficient real estate information  on buyproperty so that you position yourself as a benchmark in the market. Don’t just report what is happening now, also educate your audience about the evolution that the market has had in recent years, show them concrete data that will make them understand the real estate situation: more homes on the market, less closings and price modifications when necessary. Finally, make a comparison between the “old market” and the conditions of the “new market”, this will help you understand that what happened six months or a year ago is not what is happening today.

Uses price analogies to handle customer objections

No matter how well you manage to position yourself or that the market conditions are favorable, it is very likely that at the end of your explanation the owner will tell you: “I understand that the market has changed, but I want X price for my property ” family?

For these cases we suggest that you ask the client if he has any type of shares or if he is familiar with the operation of the stock market, when he answers yes, then he asks the following question: “If Netflix puts one of its Shares priced at $ 270, could you call your broker and say, “I want to sell all my Netflix shares today at a price of $ 500”? No, it could not, because that is not the current value of the stock. Something similar happens with the properties and at the moment the houses similar to yours are sold at a price of X ”.

Later, when you inevitably receive this answer: “Another agent said that they can get me much more …”, you can use this script: “I could have a thousand agents outside your door, but we are all facing the same data and if someone is Promising much more, he must ask himself what is happening: Is the agent simply looking to list his house to have a greater number of clients (and to do so he will say what is convincing), or what may be his motivation? ” These lines sow doubt in the seller’s mind and make them understand that what seems too good to be true probably is, something too good to be true.

Be direct

You can tell them directly about the difference between the old market and today:

“In the old market, we could increase the price in a lot of ways, in addition, the supply was low and the demand was high, so the buyers were willing to go the extra mile to close the deal. But now, in the current market, things are no longer like that, now we have to be precise and consistent with the price if we want to have a real sales opportunity , so it will be better to establish the price X for the property. ”

Analyze which strategy can be more effective with your clients of park view city islamabad and help them to have a better understanding of the real estate environment in order to quickly achieve the expected closing.