Hilarious Stocking Stuffers For Guys

Need some inspiration to fill that stocking for your man? Sure you are at the right place as we have some amazing ideas to share with you. Yes of course we will defiantly focus on something hilarious after all it’s a gift and it should force him to laugh loud this time. Make him winter ready with these super funny this knit hat with fake beard. This will help him keep his face and beard warm. This is funny to look at but completely wearable. It’s handmade with the best quality yarn. The beard part is detachable so he has an option to wear in two ways. Isn’t it a unique idea? There’s lot more .have you ever tasted mint and bacon? Well its tastes really good, so here is an idea to fill that stocking for him with. Bacon flavored mints will defiantly leave him wondering if this is for real. It tastes like crispy slice of bacon with a hint of mint. Just think about it.

If he is a bacon fan, then get that bacon soap in tin and the steps of bacon bandages for. We know how handy the bandages are and there is no harm to keep some in your car and these are just so customized for guys. If you get annoyed with the stinky car then here is a fun way to cover that stinky smell with beautiful fragrance. Surprise you man with this Retro Electronic Football Game and we are sure he will simply love it. Perfect to fit in the pocket, this game allows him to play the game by run kick and move either ways. Play alone or with a player. If you find him struggling with the cords, then it’s a nice way to show him how to keep them untangled with this leather earbud holder and phone stand. It so helpful and easy way to keep the earbud in place and the card away from messing up and the best part is this little thing transform into a phone stand, so relax and let the phone stay still on the desk. Sweat bands are perfect gym accessory and the serve a true purpose. So when you are running or jogging and doesn’t want to heavy your pockets with keys or other essential stuff then these zippered pocket sweat bands are great. It can conveniently hold your credit card or bills and keys. This pocket is water resistant so the contents remain dry and safe. Shaving kits are the first choice to give as gifts to guys, why not they find them very useful and it feels much better if they do not have to buy it on their own, we all love to get pampered. Philips Norelco shaver is ultra-portable gives the close shave and it is travel friendly, perfect for the men on the go. Well these were some of the ideas but the option seems to be endless at http://www.giftbeta.com/category/best-stocking-stuffers/.