Call on the Quickbooks Technical Support Phone Number to fix QuickBooks issues

QuickBooks is developed & marketed by Intuit for businesses that are small & medium-sized. Also, it provides cloud-based versions and on-premises applications for accounting to manage & pay bills, accept business payments and to carry ou payroll functions. If you’re a QuickBooks user and stuck in this popular accounting software issues, then dial the toll-free Quickbooks Support Phone Number.  

Intuit also integrates it with web-based features like:

  • Remote access capabilities
  • Electronic payment functions
  • Online banking and reconciliation
  • Mapping via integration with Google Maps
  • Remote payroll assistance & outsourcing
  • The marketing features through Google
  • Better email functioning through Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express

Intuit has also added other functions in the 2008 version to help its users such as pre-authorization of electronic funds, import from Excel spreadsheets, time tracking of additional employees and so on. In June 2007, the organization announced that QuickBooks software would run on Linux servers because the previous one only supported in a Windows server.

If you want to install the QuickBooks Database Manager, then follow the below instructions to configure it for multi-user access.

  1. Firstly, you need to Download and Install QuickBooks Desktop on the computer.
  2. Select the option Switch to Multi-user mode from the menu of QuickBooks File.
  3. In the Multi-user hosting setup, select Yes.
  4. On the information window of Multi-user setup, select OK.
  5. To add up all the necessary users:
  • Go to Company and then Set Up Users.
  • Go to Passwords, Set Up Users and then Add User.

Quickbooks Technical Support Phone Number is always there for you to provide instant support if you’ve encountered in Quickbooks installation issues.

Here, we mention some common ways to solve QuickBooks glitches without anyone’s help:

  1. Use Auto Data Recovery: Try to restore the data file by utilizing the option of Auto Data Recovery.
  2. Fix up QuickBooks application: Put your efforts in fixing the QuickBooks application.
  • Run Reboot.exe file for re-registering QuickBooks objects.
  • Repair the file of Microsoft.NET framework manually installed on the system.
  • Perform a clean QuickBooks reinstallation.
  • For troubleshooting all the damaged files & components, run the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool.
  1. Update QuickBooks: The package of QuickBooks 2012 R14 service helps you in fixing unrecoverable file errors. So, to update the QuickBooks installation with the service package:
  • While opening QuickBooks, press the Ctrl key.
  • Click on Help and then Update QuickBooks option.
  • Click on Update Now on the screen of ‘Update QuickBooks’.
  • Select New Features.
  • Click on Get Updates.
  • Exit QuickBooks application after the complete update.
  1. Open a sample file: If you have difficulty in opening a company file without facing an error, then try to open a sample file:
  • While double-clicking on the QuickBooks icon, press the Ctrl key.
  • Continuously press the Ctrl key until the QuickBooks applications show ‘No Company Open’.
  • Click on the ‘Open a sample file’ option.
  • Then, choose a sample file and open it.
  1. Replicate the company file to the Desktop: You can try the option of changing company file location you want to open up. Sometimes, this solution will work out because of the storage path limitation of the company file. To change the QuickBooks file location:
  • Open the folder where the company file is present.
  • Use the Locate option for searching the QBW file.
  • Then, Copy & Paste the company file on the Desktop.
  • Launch the QuickBooks open while pressing the Ctrl key from the keyboard until it shows ‘No Company Open’ message.
  • Click on Open and browse to the copied company file.
  • Lastly, click Open.

Still, an error restricts you in using QuickBooks application then tap the Quickbooks Support and fix it promptly.